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A word about Wi-Fi

Sunday, May 31, 2015

First of all, we use it. All the Time. Everywhere. "Plugged in", "Connected", if we're not using 4G we're using Wi-Fi.  Chances are very good you're using Wi-Fi to read this. With a wireless connection we are free to send an email, download or stream music, post a message on Facebook - the possibilities are limitless. By accessing the Internet, Wi-Fi makes it easy for us to keep in touch with current events, friends,and families. Work becomes more flexible. Entertainment is available at a touch of a screen. It is so wonderful  that we can connect around the world in split seconds.

It is amazing to me that my guests from Germany can FaceTime with family at home and tell them about their day in Algonquin Park. Life without continuous Internet is a distant memory to many. But... as I tell guests on the way to showing them their cabin, High Speed Internet in the country is not the same as in the city. We simply do not have access to the same kind of internet connections.

We get our internet from a satellite dish, so it's not as fast and not as strong in each cabin. We have considered possibilities - we could get a dish for each cabin! Hardwire the whole property! Instead, we offer an alternative - The Natural Connection. The main lodge is a wi-if hotspot. Guests can connect easily. The signal in the cabins may vary.

But the Natural Connection is strong everywhere on the property and indeed in Algonquin Park and throughout the region. You'll be part of something so much larger than yourself whether you are hiking a trail, paddling Hay Lake, or sitting on your deck by the water. We feel that we offer something special here - a chance to "unplug" from the usual signal and "plug into" a refreshing alternative. Won't you try our Natural Connection?