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About Our Blackflies...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We might as well talk about it. The reports have gone out around the world - Algonquin Park has blackflies. I get the feeling it has become an international warning - Beware the Blackfly!

But really....

Now, I'm not a fan of blackflies. They can be pesky. They appear each spring mid-May - usually around the Victoria Day weekend - and they are here until there is heat. Local lore has it that the flies start to go when it gets hot enough to bring out

Our Friend the Dragonfly


And the last couple of years that has been the first part of June.

How do you dress? Light colours, long sleeves and pants if you are hiking, a hat - I usually pick a ball cap I don't like and spray the heck out of it with insect repellant. I douse the visor and that keeps bugs away from my face without actually putting anything on my face.

If you want to get technical, you can buy "bug gear" like jackets


or hats - even crazy hats


As to repellants, DEET and Citronella are traditional.  Natural aids such as garlic help some people.  My friend Kathleen swears by the new Defend Patch which is a concentrated form of B1.

Does Blackfly season mean you can't go outside, hike or have a good time in the bush?  I like what Gene Thompson, the editor at Maine Nature News says in his Blackfly report:  Dress appropriately, use a little repellant and have fun!