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Bring It On!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

I Love Fall at Hay Lake. The colours, the weather, the blue sky, the sparkle on the water - we are so lucky! Sure, everyone has September where they live, but the combination we have -shortening daylight hours, cooler nights, maples and birches - makes magic. People come from all over the world to see the annual Leaf Change.

It starts usually in late August. Suddenly summer's greens are duller. I'll be out driving and notice a red leaf on a tree. The maple at the back by the lilacs seemingly overnight has an orange branch.

But I always think of Autumn as the September show. Labour Day - like today's Labour Day - is the beginning of the show.

Each day there is a bit more colour on the hills across the lake. The trees on the hill shift from mostly green, to a mix including red, orange and gold, till finally the scene is a crazy quilt below the intensely blue sky.


I have had guests tell me they don't like autumn because they know what comes after.  But to me, fall is about fresh beginnings, not endings.  Perhaps it's because the school year starts in September. Maybe it's the crisp feeling in the air. The days are still warm, but the nights are cool. Maybe it's the lack of flies and mosquitoes - I can sit out on the deck till the stars come out and never feel a bite.

The September Red Show slides into October's Gold - many years Hay Lake's birches and poplars form a perfect gold ring for Thanksgiving.

So here's to autumn's beauty - I'm ready!