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Flowers for Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2015

It starts when we're in grade school. "Let's Plant a Flower for Mom" our first grade teachers encourage us, and that Friday before the holiday, hundreds of young school children carefully - or perhaps not so carefully - carry paper cups of soil and a young tender plant for Mom. Or maybe we made cards and drew flowers and carefully printed I Love You Mom. It might even be the surely instinctive desire to pick daffodils and dandelions, proudly carried home to our mothers, faithfully displayed in jars on the kitchen table. Somehow flowers and motherhood are forever linked in our hearts.

It helps that Mother's Day in North America happens in the spring. Farther south, the daffodils have been replaced with cherry blossoms, but here in Algonquin spring wildflowers are just coming into their glory.

P1100461 P1100440

Sometimes small as violets, some as large as the trilliums, the forest floor is spotted with delicate colour. I walk the Hay Lake road and enjoy the fern-like leaves of Dutchman's Breeches.

I hike up the ridge on our trail and discover beds of Spring Beauty.


It feels as though Nature has so much to offer in early May. Tomorrow, my children will call and it will be lovely to hear from them. And I will walk the woods, savour the abundant variety, and remember small hands, freshly picked flowers, and hand-printed cards. Happy Mother's Day!