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It's Coming

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This has been a spring to learn patience. I love winter, I really do, but the continuing snow and ice have made it difficult to believe Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages opens in less than a month (I know, how is that possible??). Sunday I decided "Enough!" I took my camera and went looking for Signs of Spring.

The challenge is my desire to share the beauty of the area I live in. Many guests tell me they enjoy seeing my pictures, for which I credit Nature - you can't help but get good shots here. But what to show you now? The truth is, the End of Winter/Beginning of Spring in the north is not pretty. Snow in the yard littered with branches and cedar twigs. Still-brown grass flat with last year's leaves and snow mould.


As I walked around the property I grew philosophical. (Being outdoors on the first warm sunny day can do that.) Change isn't always pretty. Growth can be hard to see. The muddy paths and receding snow lines are worth appreciating because they do signify spring's approach. Spring at Hay Lake takes a lot of cold nights, stick collecting and a fair bit of gradual ice retreat before we're at the daffodil stage.

With that new perspective, there was lots to see. Reflections in puddles of melted snow. DSCN5660 DSCN5659

Last year's sedum coming back to life. Most important, open water at ice edge!


Now there is the best sign of hope - my kayak can get back in the water, probably this week! Not the whole lake of course, but it's a start... Welcome Spring!