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Making Lists

Friday, June 19, 2015

I love lists. No, actually I love making lists. Start the day and make a list. If I make a list, I get things done. At least that's what I tell myself.

So it's not surprising that yesterday morning as I was paddling out for the morning kayak, I was mentally listing the day's tasks - plant the geraniums I bought last week, make copies of the registration form....

And then I saw the feather floating on the lake. In fact I saw it, kept paddling, then turned and went back. The morning mist still clung to it in a hundred miniature drops. I thought of our guests who always ask what they will see if they go out on the lake, hoping for a moose or a bear. And I started making a list of all the little things I see when I go out, each one a gift.

So - my list of Little Gifts from yesterday morning: islands in the mist, loon calls, duck chatter, red-wing blackbird trills, woodpecker hammering, a raucous crow - the flight of a heron and its squawk, a startled black duck jumping off the water, into the sky.
DSCN5879 P1020627

Dragonflies hovering, swooping, landing- water bugs v-ing across the lake surface. DSCN5896


The first water lilies of the season.


Mirror Reflections.


The To Do list will wait. This is one to savour.