Lodge Life

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May 2, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

"You live here - year round?" This is my 29th year at Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages, and that is the number one question my guests ask me - usually followed by "What's it like?"

I thought you might like to know - the joys and challenges of a small lodge on the edge of Alongquin Park - why we say "On Algonquin's Quiet Side"  - and some of the ways Hay Lake has touched some of my guests, and me.

It's Sunday and we open this Friday. JoAnne and the housekeepers have been scrubbing all week, and will be back at it tomorrow. Rick and his crew are adding two bedrooms to Cabin 3 and the race is on for Friday's opening.

Food for breakfast to order, time sheets to organize - and just to remind me why we're here, two loons were close enough to touch when I walked down to the front deck this morning - if they hadn't dived in unison as I watched.