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Our Wild Life at Hay Lake

Saturday, June 15, 2013

When guests ask me what there is to do here, occasionally they are looking for places to go in the evening, or Entertainment. There is no club, no movie theatre, no dance floor within 2oo kilometres of Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages. Life moves a little more placidly here - but hey, we have our excitement too! The vivid flash of a summer lightning bolt, the time our road washed out when the beaver dam let go...

But generally, our Wild Life is actually more about our Wildlife. Algonquin is famous for the moose viewing - and June is one of the best months to see them.

So, many people are excited to see the Big Three - the Moose, the Wolf, and the Black Bears that all are native to this land.

But what about some of the other inhabitants? We have some residents that may not be the first animal you think to look for, but they are definitely pretty wild.

Top of the list for me would be our Snapping Turtles. Usually the only part of a snapper you get to see is a nose pointing out of the water - but yesterday, one decided to cross our property - from the back bay down to the marina, a walk that would measure at least 300 metres - but patiently, slowly , off he went. I think they look not only wild, but positively prehistoric!


Or think about our birds. The barred owl that sleeps in the tree, the heron at the edge of the marsh. rsz__dsc2080

The loon with its loony laughter, even the Canada goose.We take such diversity for granted, but  the variety is a treat for guests from all over the world.

In short - if your Wild Life means looking for our Wildlife, we have a lot to offer at Hay Lake!