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Should You Come to Hay Lake?

Monday, May 06, 2013

I have been staining the new marina building this week. Some people stain really quickly, but they are messy. Other people take a long time, but are very precise. Then there is me. I am slow, and messy.

The good thing though is that staining allows plenty of time for thinking, day dreaming, and generally reflecting. And I found myself thinking about why someone would  choose to come to Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages.

There are dozens of lodges and cottages around Algonquin Park and hundreds in Ontario. Large hotel complexes, private cottage rentals - there is a full spectrum of choice. So here is the combination we offer:

1. First -rate housekeeping cabins: We are proud of the fact that every cabin is unique, completely equipped, and that we frequently get compliments on their spotless condition. And don't forget those breakfasts we bring you each morning....

2.Privacy: All our cabins are on the waterfront, and each has its own deck. Often the guests can't tell if we are full or not.

3. Location: We are on the boundary of one of Canada's great parks. Look at the Google map.

4. Our Setting: Hay Lake is peaceful. You can paddle off to a bay and feel as though no one else is on the lake. You can see ducks, loons, bitterns, the beavers and otters. Even the occasional deer or moose will stand at the water's edge.

5. We enjoy your visit. It is a pleasure to share this beautiful spot with you. Over 31 years we have made friends, learned from world travellers and neophyte paddlers, and discussed everything from good books to the natural world to politics.

So - if quiet nights and loon calls appeal to you, if you would like to stay in a log cabin on Algonquin Park's edge, on a lake which is peaceful and natural; if you love the freedom of knowing breakfast is looked after, but that lunch and dinner will be what and when you like; then yes, you should come to Hay Lake!