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Sunrise, Sunset...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I collect sunsets. I've seen beautiful sunsets lots of places of course - I'm sure you have too. But I have now lived at Hay Lake more than 31 years, and have had the privilege of watching enough sunsets and sunrises to become a bit of a connoisseur of the genre.

You start with the important ones of course. The Summer Solstice


and the Winter Solstice.


Then you consider the varieties. Sometimes the sunset is gentle.


Sometimes it is dramatic.


And sometimes it is serene.


Sunrise has a different flavour.


Sometimes there is a morning fog, which gradually lifts. Other times I see a sunrise which feels like the world being born- this was this year's Summer Solstice dawn.


Seasons make a difference. September and October bring outstanding sunsets


and the light fills the sky with intense sheets of  indigo or gold.


In summer, half the pleasure is being able to sit on the dock and watch the sky change from blue to sunset to the first stars.


Winter has a range of colour you never expect in a time of snow white and leafless trees: photo

Do you like my collection? You are welcome to come and collect some samples to take home!