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The F-Word

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I admit it. We use the F-word frequently here. It's unavoidable when you have the guests we do. It doesn't seem to matter which country they come from, it is simply that Families are special here. It can be parents and child, or 3 generations.

It can be a father/son weekend.

Sometimes family living in Canada hosts family living in England, or the Netherlands, or Hong Kong.

Sometimes it is our privilege to become a family tradition, and over the years we watch children (never parents!) get older and grow.

Whether it's one cabin or all of our cabins, Family Gatherings are an important part of what we do here. Yes, many of our guests come as a couple - or even alone. But there is a special pleasure in watching family spend time together. Sharing meals with recipes from grandmothers and aunts, learning to canoe or simply traveling together we feel it is our privilege and pleasure to share Hay Lake with family.

Why not bring yours?