Lodge Life

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The Longest Day

Sunday, June 22, 2014

First of all, I overslept. Slept right through the alarm and didn't wake till 5:45. Summer Solstice Sunrise is 5:23. Drat!

Secondly, the morning was cloudy. What's the point in getting up to greet the sun June 21 if you can't see it? But it has become my annual tradition to be on the water for the sunrise on Summer's Longest Day, so by 6:00 I was paddling. Just enough light to highlight the island shoreline. Hmm - nice dark backdrop. That's pretty good....

I headed down toward my favourite marsh area. The mist on the water was an illustration of cool night air over warmer water, always magical. There was enough of a break in the clouds to see the sun coming over the hills.


So - no amazing pink/rose sunrise, but still, the yellow globe water lilies are out,       and I got a chance to see four loons play  - yes, I'm sure they were playing together, something like "Simon Says" as they would follow each other, dive and repeat.


Suddenly I realized the lake was blue. When did the clouds start breaking up?


Sometimes, we need to celebrate the summer we're given, rather than demand the summer we expect - My summer solstice was not dramatic at all, but the pleasure and beauty being out there was as special as I could wish for. And in a "You couldn't script it"  moment, a chipping sparrow perched right next to me to sing the day's praise.


I headed back, so glad I hadn't stayed in bed. P.S.  the sunset was lovely :)