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"The Worst We Ever Saw"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

That's what the Bell crew told us this afternoon. The thunderstorms that ripped across Ontario last Friday hit here with beautiful awe-inspiring lightning displays, rolling bass thunder - and a lightning strike that hit our power transformer, plunging half of our cottages and the rest of Hay Lake into darkness. We also lost our phone service.

The Hydro was back on by noon, but the phone is still silent. All the phones on the lake are out.

It's not for lack of attention. First a service van, then a truck, then a truck with a cherry picker, then all of them have been working the line. 18 hour days, from morning till well after dark - to the point that we're sending out breakfast muffins and evening snacks - and they are making progress. The lightning melted and blew out every single phone cards, connections and module  from here to Whitney. We have had a phone line for a good part of today. They are out there in the rain right now, trying to make it a lasting connection.


But our enforced silence has shown how much Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages needs our landline! I posted a note on our website asking people to email  or Facebook us, since cell phone service is spotty here. It's a funny world when I can receive emails but not a phone call. I missed people who tried to call about staying here. I could not process credit card payments. Our housekeeper JoAnne had to take the weekly grocery order home to her phone so we could have eggs for breakfast. And of course I couldn't follow up on work orders, etc. So here's to the old-fashioned phone, our line to the rest of the world, and thanks Bell Crew!