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This Will Make Us Famous

Friday, August 14, 2015

I think we have come up with a true contribution to world happiness. Yes, there's peace and quiet and beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife at Hay Lake. Yes, that's great but this is important! We have invented a new dessert. Combining the campfire and the ice cream store, we have - drum roll please...the S'more Sundae! And just what is this inspired dessert?

Do you remember the traditional S'more? It's that campfire favourite with graham cracker, chocolate and the marshmallow you carefully toasted (or torched) over the campfire. Legend says that we call them "S'more" because after you taste one you always want "Some More".

Genius takes many forms. Inspiration came one evening sitting on the deck with the fire pit. Watching our guests toast marshmallows, thinking about the ice cream in the kitchen...it all came together.

Picture a brownie, rich warm and gooey made with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chunks.  DSCN6153

Then add 3 scoops of creamy chocolate/vanilla ice cream- real ice cream, not "dairy dessert" DSCN6154

While we warm the graham brownie and pile on the ice cream, you are at the fire pit toasting your marshmallow just the way you like it.


When you're ready, we bring out the bowl, carefully slide and spread the toasted marshmallow, and you pour the hot chocolate sauce over the top.

DSCN6157 DSCN6163

You're right. It is awesomely good. Can fame be far behind?