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What We Can Control, What We Can't Control

Monday, May 02, 2016

Living at Hay Lake can be an ongoing lesson in humility. I can't control when the ice goes out in the spring. I can't make the ground thaw to turn on the water supply.

I can’t decide when it rains or whether it's a sunny spring.

And I can’t control Trip Advisor.

Does anyone plan a trip any more without looking on Trip Advisor? If you’re looking for something unique, if you want to find a place for a special trip, Trip Advisor is the site to look on. There is something helpful about reading the reviews of guests that have been there, giving you a sense of the place and whether it is good, or average, or great.

I have been grateful for the reviews posted by our guests. It makes a definite difference to future potential visitors. I am proud of our Certificates of Excellence.

So you can imagine that I am not happy that Trip Advisor has changed the way they rank accommodations. Their change in algorithms has meant that I am now number 2 in Specialty Lodging in Algonquin Park. Number 2 is good. It's actually very good - but I was #1 and have been for several years. Did I change? No. Did other places change? Not really. What changed was the way Trip Advisor calculates the rankings - quantity and quality of reviews have always been important, now they are even more important. So - a seasonal small housekeeping resort will have a hard time getting as many reviews as a larger year-round resort.

Well, I can’t control Trip Advisor, but all of us at Hay Lake can continue to give you the best experience we can. The cabins are still spotlessly clean, your screened porch is still a great place for your morning coffee and croissant, and the lake is as magical as ever. Hey - maybe I’ll switch the cry "We're Number One!" to the old commercial "We’re Number Two - We Try Harder" :)