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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am told that owls are wise. This Barred Owl was right outside my window at the bird feeder Saturday. I wish he (she?) would tell me what to include in my website and on my Facebook page. That has been my winter project - the excellent people at Studio-N in Peterborough have been bringing my website up to date, and I have been learning to communicate through Facebook.

I am well aware that the words and images at haylakecanada.com are the way people learn what our Lodge and Cottages are like, what they can expect when they come. I know the importance of showing our cabins, both the outside

Cabin 1 - External

and the inside.

Cabin 2 - Kitchen - 1

Guests want to know if they'll see  any wildlife and whether it's quiet and peaceful here. Directions are important, and of course the rates :)

As for Facebook, I am learning that nothing beats a sunset or sunrise.


But what do I say on a blog? I find the boundary between the business and the personal is vague, especially when the business is my home. I enjoy sharing stories and pictures from the kayaking here,


but imagine readers will pass on stories about my granddaughter's visit over March break, wonderful though it was.

For now, I will continue to blog, link,post and describe the Hay Lake - business, magic setting, home, and way of life- that after 30 years is so much a part of me. I may even tweet before I'm done!