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What's cookin' ?

Monday, July 01, 2013

It seems a universal truth that food is a big part of traveling, and that definitely applies when you stay in a cabin.

No matter how striking the scenery, how peaceful the location,or how great the fishing, sooner or later a body needs to eat.

The relationship between Food and Hay Lake Lodge & Cottages has gone through many permutations.

When we came to Hay Lake in 1982 (!) the Lodge was a traditional American Plan Lodge. We served 3 meals a day in the Dining Room. Wednesday was Turkey. Sunday was Roast Beef Dinner. Breakfast started with a hot cereal and juice, eggs/pancakes/or french toast, sausage/ham/or bacon, depending on the day. I can remember being thrown for a loop when a guest wanted eggs instead of pancakes...

Now remember, when Phil and I bought the Lodge, my final words were "I'm not cooking. I can't cook." But when your business has been closed for nearly 2 years and you have no guests, you don't hire a full time cook.

Thank heavens for Clover, who with Gordon had built the lodge and ran the kitchen for 21 years. I still have the menus she helped me plan, with a glass of tomato juice, pickles on the table, buns and butter with the potatoes. For the first two years, any dinner involving gravy was on a night I had a cook to help, because I didn't know how!

Over the years, meals evolved. Plans changed as guests' tastes and preferences changed. Lunch became a packed lunch, then got dropped as people found the set meal times too confining. Lodge dinners became a menu of choices ranging from cajun steak to pickerel with fresh peach salsa to bison.

When we started adding kitchens to the cabins, people could choose between a meal plan and self-catering. In 2005 we finally closed the dining room, bringing a 50 year tradition to a close.

But that doesn't mean we closed the kitchen!


Every morning we bake our own muffins from scratch, and deliver breakfast trays to each cabin at a time of their choosing, loaded with juice, fruit, yogurt, coffee, muffins and croissants straight from the oven.

And even at a housekeeping resort like ours, sometimes our guests want a break from cooking. It is a holiday, after all. These days we offer a select Room Service Menu for Dinner with meals such as Roast Chicken, Salmon or Braised Short Ribs. So here I am, still in the kitchen. Funnily enough, I like it :).