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Who's Fishing? Where? Why?

Monday, July 29, 2013

DSC_0197Last night, as I stood at the Lodge window, watching Taylor and Eric fishing off the deck for the 11th year in a row (!), I stopped to count. Out of the 6 cabins, 5 had guests who were fishing.

But "Fishing" can mean many things. What do you picture? Likely the first image that comes to mind is the Dedicated Angler.  We have those here. He ( and it's almost invariably "he") is up early before breakfast, headed out on the water to Just The Right Spot. Questions about lake depth, lures, and shoreline structure are reviewed and duly noted. He frequently is looking for a certain fish - smallmouth bass, or pickerel, and likes to make sure he has the right tackle.

Dedicated Anglers often bring their own boat, but not always. They like to come in groups. The Recreational Angler has brought a family, a wife, a partner. Someone who shares the fishing time for sometimes  all, sometimes part of the day. Sometimes they are a team, like my parents.

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The family member may well fish, but often brings a book along, because it's a pleasure to be out on the water. The Recreational Angler is often a Dedicated Angler who is on holiday, so is combining fishing with family activities.


That brings us to the Next Generation Angler. Their enthusiasm and persistence is a pleasure to watch.  Sometimes the would-be fisher-person goes out in the boat with their parent, but often the fishing is done from the deck and docks along our shore.  The excitement and shouts when a small rock bass or a perch  dangle from a rod are almost as vigorous as the exclamations over a 15-inch largemouth.

I want to give a nod to the Nostalgic Fisherman (or woman). This angler remembers fishing when they were growing up, and wants to try it again.  We have Shimano fishing rods and reels to loan, so this is a chance to renew a memory.  It may not take long - this week we had a guest who watched Dedicated Anglers and Next Generations casting, trolling, and bringing in fish. He had forgotten how much he used to fish growing up on Vancouver Island, so he got a one-day license and borrowed our tackle. In half an hour, he remembered he didn't really like it!

Fish are released, fish are kept for a special dinner. Fishing with worms, fishing with elaborate tackle. Spending time on the water at the far end of the lake, casting in the evening off the dock. Fishing with friends, fishing with family, fishing alone. Why? I guess you'll have to ask them. It looks like they are having fun.