Our Story

Hay Lake Lodge began back in 1953 when Gordon and Clover Palbiski opened a cabin with a kitchen. Clover's family (the Averys) had operated the Opeongo Lodge in Algonquin Park since the 30s. Gordon’s dad knew this point of land and told them it would make a great place for a lodge.

With some hard work and a willingness to build from the ground up, combined with Clover's famous cooking skills, Hay Lake Lodge became a welcoming point for fishermen and hunters, and then their families.

Phil Morlock started coming to Algonquin Park with his parents when he was five. On his first solo trip in 1969, he was looking for a place to stay and came across Hay Lake Lodge. When he drove in, Clover came out to greet him, brought him into the kitchen and made him feel like family. A bond was forged and when Phil and Erin were married, a visit to Hay Lake was their first trip.

Gordon and Clover eventually sold and after changing hands a few times, we bought it in 1982 and moved in. We have raised our family here and now a third generation is part of our Hay Lake.

Our Background

For over 30 years, Hay Lake has been our home and our business. We've learned about lodge hospitality by doing. With Phil's background in Wildlife Management and Erin's degree in Environmental Education, we have a lifelong passion for the outdoors. From fishing to backpacking to canoe trips, we know and appreciate the significance of natural areas like Algonquin Park.

Our Approach

We believe some things are timeless. The beauty of the area, the pleasure of hooking a bass or paddling a canoe into Birch Creek, and the traditional feeling each lakefront log cabin provides are as special today as they were in 1953.

We love giving our guests a chance to relax and unwind in a truly peaceful setting with no television or phones to distract or interrupt. Our family is proud of our reputation for personal service and spotlessly clean accommodations.

Store/residence in 1956

One of the first buildings, this was the Palbiski's home in the summer till it became the store for cottagers. That's Gordon in front.

Present day residence

This is the building today. It's our office and home.